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Despite some minor hijinks in production, our (Krizzia’s and my) participation in BLTX was a rewarding experience, and successful in a way that we were able to share our works to the community and observe their reactions. Here are some thoughts:

— Elated to see a demand for my written stories, however small, and stories in general. It felt good when strangers specifically asked for our zines—weird too when they apparently know me. I still have no idea who they are!
— Also happy to see my friends finally put their works out there, some even sold out, others (like me and Ate Rea) learned some important lessons in zine-making and the indie market.
— Hoping to see a lot of indie pubs/zines on the next BLTX now that people are aware of them. And expecting lesser bookmarks and crafts, just more literary stuff, for me.
— You really have to start early with these things, especially when you suck at cramming.
— Too bad I didn’t get to ask the reps of YBB and High Chair about writing and other things, tried a couple of times but failed due to social awkwardness. Well, at least I managed to talk with each of them for a bit, and Adam David drew a cool picture on my copy of El Bimbo Variations. The guy is just amazing.
— Conchitina Cruz seemed so sassy and awesome. I decided not to fawn too much, but really I was just on the verge of screaming, “I love your works!!!! Well actually just the ones I have so where are your other books????”
— Also disappointed I couldn’t snag a copy of the original form of Vince Serrano’s When Maps Are Folded…, but the book is still legit. (Scanning it while writing this, actually.)
— We forgot our camera, so we don’t have photos of the actual event and the people who attended. But I bet they’re all over FB by now.
— Selling is tough. While I did have fun I think I only managed to stay behind the booth/table because Krizzia was next to me. There were moments when I wanted to slap the ‘customers’. Haha! The most difficult part? Counting money.
— Though, I imagine the event was even more of a logistical/managerial nightmare for Sir Jay and Ma’am Ahj. We owe them big time.
— Cleaning up after production is a headache.
— Learned a lot during the short ‘after-party’ we had with Jusan and Ate Rea. Such is the nature of after-parties, they’re always more ‘educational’ than the event they succeed. Or more intimate.

zines & other BLTX hauls

signed copy of A. David’s El Bimbo Variations, drawing based on the cover of Kina



      1. btw, I think you mentioned something about asking tips from the writers. Check out Adam’s latest FB uploads (Instagram album), he gave a brief comment on your work.

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